Important dates of the Institute of Smart Sensors


Wilhelm Dietrich (1852 - 1930) was appointed to the first professorship in Electrical Engineering at the "Technische Hochschule Stuttgart".

Fritz Emde (1873 - 1951) was appointed as successor of Wilhelm Dietrich in the year 1912. The Institute for Theory of Electrical Engineering was finally envolved from his chair. His teaching acitivities comprised theory of electrical engineering and in the beginning also power engineering. This is visible in his fundamental research activities in Maxwell theory and power engineering, too. Furthermore, he made a name for himself as a mathematician.

Wilhelm Bader (1900 - 1984) took over the chair of Theory of Electrical Engineering in the year 1939. He added to the field theory the topic of network theory with the focus on synthesis of electrical networks. In the year 1971, the research activities of network theory were hived to the newly founded Institute for Network and System Theory, whose chair was undertook by Ernst Lüder.

Günther Lehner (1931 - 2021) was appointed to the chair of Theory of Electrical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart in the year 1972. The focus of his activities in research and teaching was on the fields of electrical fields, energy conversion, and use of renewable energies, especially solar energy.

In the year 1995, Wolfgang Rucker was appointed as successor of Günther Lehner. He was director of the Institute for Theory of Electrical Engineering since 1996. According to the technological progress the topic of field theory was complemented by the numerical solution multiphysics field problems on high performance computers.

Jens Anders has been appointed as the successor of Wolfgang Rucker in the year 2017. Since then, research at the IIS focuses on the application of advanced concepts from (integrated) circuit design as well as nonlinear systems and multiphysics modeling for the design of high-end sensing systems, with an emphasis on biomedical and quantum sensors.



Institute of Smart Sensors

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