Circuit Design in Nanometer Scaled CMOS

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The course will be given in the flipped classroom format. Videos and PDF files of lectures and exercises can be found on ILIAS. The material is discussed with the students in WebEx meetings at the listed times. During each meeting, it will be announced, which material the students are supposed to work through until the next meeting. During the meetings, students are offered the opportunity to ask questions concerning the covered material to deepen their understanding of the topic.

Circuit Design in Nanometer Scaled CMOS


The continuing strive for smaller CMOS technology nodes pushes the need for new and improved modeling of MOS transistors as well as the need for advanced circuit topologies. In modern integrated circuits, MOS transistors are operated in regions where the classical square-law model may be insufficient. Furthermore, the small structure sizes can have serious effects on the transistor’s behavior. It is therefore very important to understand such effects and to use new MOS transistor models for the design of integrated circuits in submicron CMOS technologies. The decrease in structure size leads also to an decrease of the supply voltages, which demands for new circuit topologies. In this module, the students will be introduced to these new challenges in advanced nanometer-scaled CMOS circuit design.

Example slide of lecture
Transimpedance amplifier in nanometer scaled CMOS technology


  • Layout and matching of integrated circuit elements
  • Modeling of MOS transistors operated in strong and weak inversion with respect to the problems originating from the small structure sizes in nanometer-scaled CMOS technologies
  • Matching and matching-aware design of MOS transistors
  • Advanced test benches for the design and simulation of operational amplifiers
  • Advanced operational amplifier circuits in nanometer-scaled CMOS technologies
  • Advanced fully differential operational amplifiers



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