Invited online lecture

April 4, 2022 /

IIS member Dr. Hyosang Lee will give the invited online lecture "Haptic Sensing with Electrical Resistance Tomography" at the International Forum on Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering


Haptic sensors are fundamental components of autonomous systems to perceive their surrounding environments physically. Nonetheless, haptic sensors are yet stagnated due to various requirements, such as material compatibility, fabrication simplicity, robustness, as well as their high sensing performance. Recently, tomographic approaches are showing great potential for haptic sensing, since these approaches simplified the sensor design by combining computational methods. Electrical resistance tomography (ERT) is one of the tomographic approaches computing the resistance distribution of a conductive medium from a small number of electrodes. When ERT is applied to piezoresistive material, haptic sensors with a simple design can be achieved while fulfilling numerous practical advantages. This talk introduces the fundamentals of ERT-based haptic sensing and its application to practical and sensitive robotic skin.

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Date: April 12th, 2022 Tuesday

Time: 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST, German time)

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